Feast of St. Francis
2017-10-04 08:30:00
This Event has Finished
Open House
2017-10-14 00:00:00
This Event has Finished
Thanksgiving Liturgy
2017-11-22 08:30:00
36 Days & 9 Hours Remaining
Boys Varsity Basketball
Richmond Hill @ St. Francis Prep
Richmond Hill
43 Days & 8 Hours Remaining
Meet the Staff
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Kyle MacDonald
Class of 2017. Kyle came to SFPTV at the beginning of his freshman year and became a big part of our production, and is the President of SFPTV. He enjoys all aspects of news production infront of the camera and behind the scenes! He is good at technology and trouble shooting and he is grateful for his second family.
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John Vicari
Class of 2018. John is our sports director and the play by play broadcaster for our sports live streams. He would like to pursue broadcasting and be a play by play announcer professionally . He plays football, runs track and enjoys watching sports and hanging out with his friends. He also anchors and edits for SFPTV.
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Alexander Ramlall
Class of 2018. Alex has been with SFPTV since the start of his freshman year. Driven by his passion for computers he has become a very valuable member of SFPTV. He now holds the position of Technical Operations Director.
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Ryan McDonough
Class of 2019. Ryan joined SFP TV in his freshman year of high school. He has multiple jobs such as being a cameraman, anchorman, audio engineer, and much more. He enjoys basketball, football, and video games on his free time.
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Yasmeen Qureshi
Class of 2017. Yasmeen holds the title of Program Director. Her interests include performing and literary arts. She enjoys interviewing, anchoring, and filming at SFPTV.
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