St. Francis Prep Television (SFP-TV) is an audio and video broadcasting student run organization. The students conduct news programs that involve updates and recaps of school events including plays, musicals, concerts, prayer services, fundraisers, and sporting events. The school news organization has always been around (albeit without an official title), but has flourished in the past couple of years.

The school news was originally conducted by the Student Government Organization with video updates once every few months. It was quick and simple, with the members of the student government sitting behind a table reading announcements. In the 2006-2007 academic school year, Student Government re-imagined the layout and style of the news and took inspiration from the popular nation- wide news organization ChannelOne News.

Senior Class President Lowell Meyer ('07) and Student Body President Patrick McLaughlin ('07) took the style of ChannelOne and created a St. Francis Prep spin on the program. "Channel One and a Half" , as it was called, consisted of the Student Government filming announcements and recaps in different locations, while including jokes and news that the students found entertaining and informative. A favorite segment of the students was "Prep Play of the Week", a parody of ChannelOne's "Play of the Week" in which different schools submitted amazing sports plays for a prize. "Prep Play of the Week" was a short skit of students performing activities that were unique to SFP as if it was an amazing sports play.

The tradition continued into the 2008-2009 school year with Steven Zapata and Michael Bow taking over for McLaughlin and Meyer. Channel One and a Half was taking off with updated graphics and segments. It later turned from a Student Government run program to a full fledged afterschool activity allowing anyone to join. The organization gained a new studio and equipment such as cameras, computers, and a green screen. The studio grew and so did the responsibilities of SFP-TV. The organization now has the ability to live-streamgames (basketball, volleyball, etc.) from the studio and broadcast all over the world through the Prep website.

Many of our students that have been involved in SFP-TV or a variation of the organization throughout the years have gone on to do different jobs within media and broadcasting. SFP-TV is a great way for students to start an interest and hone their skills for the future.